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Tune Your Metal Tubing Slim Jim to Perfection!

If you are reading this you most likely have built the Slim Jim antenna for the 2 meter band using either copper or aluminum tubing. After your final tuning, you may not have seen that “perfect” swr reading of 1:1 that many look for and could not get any lower to reach “perfection”. View full article »

The 4 Element Hentenna Beam for 2 Meters

by N5NNS


Having been a ham for 27 years and knowing that the most important part of any station is the antenna, I have built, designed, and redesigned antennas for over two decades. View full article »

Several designs rolled into one
Edited and condensed from various designs

Page updated with new information and videos
The Slim Jim Antenna

The Slim Jim is a vertically polarized omnidirectional end-fed antenna having considerable “gain” and this is concentrated almost parallel to ground toward the horizon rather than skyward making it more efficient than a ground plane type antenna by about 50 percent better. It can be built for almost any frequency!
( Below 10 meters it gets VERY tall )
Due to it’s SLIM design, there is very little wind loading.
It is fed with 50 ohm coax. View full article »

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Welcome to my little place on the web where I like to share my interests of  Amateur Radio with other Hams across the world. I made this site so you can get to know a little more about me and my family here in Southwest Ohio. So please feel welcome here and I hope to make a lot of new friends and share in the excitement of Ham Radio!!

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